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In some cases, particularly in the steep mountain passes of the Rockies, the Sierra Nevadas, and the Cascades, tire chains are even required at certain points. Even drivers who are familiar with snowy and icy driving conditions must have tire chains to maintain safe control on mountain roads and highways. The grade of mountain inclines and declines combined with snow and ice can leave the biggest four-wheel-drive or the most nimble front-wheel-drive vehicle with little road control. Putting tire chains on your vehicle is not the most simple task, but it is sometimes required to keep you rolling, and once you have installed snow chains for a first time, you will be ready to chain up and keep on driving through the snowy mountains, every time. When obtaining your tire chains, you must first make sure they will fit your tires. Most tire chain packaging has a guide that indicates which tires it fits. Stores and markets where chains are sold also have guides, or employees who can help you get the right size. Never try to attempt to use chains that are too large or too small for the tire, as this could result in dangerous driving and damage to your car. Dry Run The same way it is a good idea to test the braking and steering on a snowy or slippery road, you should test putting on the tire chains before you reach the mountain roads where they may be required. Pick an open stretch of street, or a vacant parking lot.

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Always a very professional service plus I know I won’t get ripped off or be recommended unnecessary work. Gave regular updates as to when they would be finished. Waiting area was clean and warm. Work completed very promptly.

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Bob Mehlhoff Sep 5, Share Just like so many facets of performance, a combo that works great on one car may not necessarily work as well on another. The key to winning traction is evaluating your combo, making minor adjustments when testing your car, then utilizing that info for improvements. What you may not realize is that getting your car to hook well isn’t solely based on the rear suspension. In addition to the sticky rubber out back, you have to set the shocks, adjust the pinion angle, match the springs, and get it all to work in unison with the front suspension, frame, rollcage, engine, and transmission.

Just got a little more complicated, didn’t it? Matter of fact, the traction system you opt for will depend on the intended use of your ride, the engine’s power curve, and what your pockets will allow. The types of rear suspension systems in use on most production Chevrolet cars include two leaf springs, two coil springs with a four-link system, and two coil springs with a two-link system, a Panhard bar, and a torque arm. All Chevelles and G-body cars ‘ used the standard four-link system; ‘ Novas and ‘ Camaros used the two rear leaf-spring system; and third- and fourth-gen Camaros used the two lower control arms, a Panhard bar, and a torque arm.

This month, not only did we spend a considerable amount of time learning what it takes to obtain those killer short times and quick e. They helped us put together this general overview of what’s available, what will and won’t work, and the stepping stone to bettering your own track times. What is the most critical aspect of successfully running a small tire in a Drag Radial or E. It all comes down to how well you load, or plant, the tire. This is critical to how much traction you have.

rwhp And Gears, Can Anyone Hook Up On Street Tires

What kind of MPH are you running? I agree, my buddy ran some 5. I figure he was around hp with the spray. I think his ride weighed in at lbs.

Hook-Up Pro Drag Radial. The ultimate DOT drag tire just got better. Introducing, the new Hook-Up Pro. All of the great features of the original.

Making a Simple Tire Swing 1 Find a suitable old, unwanted tire. Make sure the tire is relatively clean and be sure it’s still in good enough condition to not split under the weight of people. The bigger the tire, the better, up to a point. While you want plenty of room for kids to sit in the tire, a really huge tire will be especially heavy and may weight too much for a standard tree branch. Use your good judgement about the perfect balance between size and weight for your specific branch.

Give your tire a good wash down with heavy duty detergent, scrubbing all of the exterior surface and rinsing the inside as well. If a dirty tire cleans up well, then it should be okay to use. Use WD40 or a tire cleaning product to remove stubborn grease spots. People will be sitting on this tire, so the more gunk you remove, the better. Be sure to get any cleaner residue off as well! The tree branch itself should be thick and sturdy, around 10 inches 25cm diameter minimum.

Be sure the tree is large and healthy, with no signs of weaknesses that might indicate the tree is unstable. An isolated Maple or Oak tree usually works best. Good dimensions for a tire swing branch are about 9 feet 2.

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To better quantify this, we set out to compare and contrast the two tires, using our turbocharged Ford Mustang Project Wild E. Coyote as the test mule, to see how the two siblings measure up to one another at the track and on the freeway. The venerable ET Street is built upon a bias play design, much like a drag slick, which means it has a soft, wrinkle sidewall that allows it to absorb energy upon launch and plant the power to the ground. While absorbing less energy on the starting line, the stiffer design makes the Street Radial II inherently more at-home on the road then the ET Street.

The Street Radial II, as the name implies, rests on a radial tire design, in which the cord inside the tire is positioned at a degree angle from the bead, which makes it better conform to the surface of the road.

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Many tires are marked wider than they actually are. Please do not contact us with questions about specific tire pressure recommendations! Trailers and Tricycles Trikes and two-wheel trailers are very different from bikes, because they don’t lean in corners. Most tire wear comes from cornering forces. On a bike, these forces act on different parts of the tread, according to how far one leans into various corners at various speeds. With a trailer or trike, all of the wear is concentrated on the middle of the tread.

If you overinflate the tires, you’ll be riding on only the very center of the tread, and it will wear rapidly. In addition, wheel alignment is never going to be perfect. As a result, the paired tires will always “scrub” a bit. If the tires are rock-hard, this will cause rapid wear. If the tires are softer, they can flex slightly sideways to accommodate the scrub, without wearing the tread off. With trailers, severe overinflation can also lead to flipping the trailer over, due to the tires’ bouncing on road irregularities.

The load on trailer wheels is often very light. Adjust pressure accordingly, and evaluate pressure by tire drop.

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Pocket gauges are inexpensive and portable. The pencil type is long, slender, and metallic, about the size of a pencil. It contains a graduated sliding extension that is forced out of the sleeve by air pressure when attached to the tire stem. The dial type has a similar fitting to the pencil type, but it includes a graduated gauge and needle.

Find the small rubber or metal valve stem along the inside rim of your wheel, and unscrew it to reveal the air valve.

Shinko Hook-Up Drag tires stick to the track like glue. They’re the best hookup tires ever, and by far the most affordable DOT drag tires on the market. Their lightweight and flexible profile and tread patterns are designed for the demands of drag racing. Shinko’s best sticky tires .

Today, you can outfit your car in street-legal rubber that would make Dan Gurney jealous, and upgraded suspension and braking components mean that classic-car owners can take advantage of all that black magic. As is always the problem when we have an excess of great choices, the glut of street-legal performance tires can make choosing new rollers somewhat intimidating. Is there really any difference between the top brands?

Tire Rack regularly tests product, but its test car of choice is the BMW i. Our track involved a slalom, a turn followed by a fast sweeper, a degree turn, and a short straightaway. A single lap was in the second range, so we chose to do two laps to be more in keeping with a second SCCA-type course. Each tire got a break-in lap, followed by two timed laps and a cool down.

Woody would bring the car in, check the tire pressures and head out again. Each tire ended up with six timed laps, and we chose our final results from the fastest lap pair. To eliminate the possibility of track or weather changes skewing our results, we used the Bridgestone Potenza RE as a control, running the car on the Potenzas in the morning, midway through the test, and as the final tire. This allowed us to adjust the final times to make up for any track changes.

However, Bridgestone is in the process of changing the treadwear rating on this tire to , and in early , it will be legal for Goodguys and other treadwear classes. For this reason, we decided to include it now. We also used it as our control tire.

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Well, you start with one of these: Watch the video below. Rick races in the True It leaves the car with a stance that looks more like a hopped-up street car than a dedicated drag racer.

Aug 10,  · Best tires that hook up on the street with a +hp car are.. Narrowed it down to the /35/20 Nitto NTR or the MT /35/ Looking for something for a 10″ wide wheel that won’t go up in smoke from a 40mph roll.

Unroll and lay the cables on a flat surface to make sure there are no broken cables or links if you have chains or other damaged components. After inspection, begin by laying the cable flat near the tire you’re installing it on. Drape the cable over the top of the tire. The ends of the side cables with the keyhole latch attachments should be on the outside of the tire. With the lever lock on the outer sidewall and on the right side of the tire as explained in step 3 make sure the cable crossmembers are straight across the tire’s tread.

To bring the keyhole latches and lever lock to a comfortable working height, roll the vehicle slowly forward about a foot until the keyhole latch would line up roughly with the axle. The cable will fall back on the ground as shown, but when you go to redrape the cable back onto the tire, the lever lock will be in an easier place for you to attach it and part of the cable will be underneath the tire as shown. First, the cable needs to be secured on the inner side of the tire. Pull the end of the cable with the knobs up to meet the keyhole latch.

We used the second knob in from the end of the cable to secure the cable to the back side of tire. Now, begin working on the outer sidewall to fasten the lever lock. Pull the end of the side cable with the knobs to meet the lever lock. At this point, recheck to make sure the crossmember cables are centered over the tire tread.

We attached the lever lock to the third knob to make sure the cable fit tightly over the tire.

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Duro hook up tires Duro hook-up di atv tires However, we will do everything in our power to take care of the problem. Duro hook-up radial atv rear tire 20x11r9 c. Did you order your tire chains yet.

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Get the whole family swinging by building a tire swing unit. Introduction The iconic tire swing is a wonderful slice of Americana that evokes childhood memories of simpler times and a lot of backyard fun. It’s just a rope and a tire, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. You need to make sure you pick the proper tree, limb, rope and, of course, tire. The best choice is a hardwood tree, such as an oak or maple.


About me 12 volt air compressor Inflate tires and toys everywhere, with the right 12 volt air compressor, by following our advice on this page. Probably you want to use it in your car to inflate your tires.. I bought one about two years ago exactly for that job. I still use it every now and then to inflate my tires. I must say that inflating my tires at the gas station is easier and faster.

Want to hook up hard at the track? Ken Warner of Mickey Thompson tells how with ET Street Radial Pro tires and explains the technology behind them.

Weight Distribution Weight distribution plays a roll on how the Percentage of Rise PR is determined and how the front end is set up. If you are setting up a vehicle that is nose heavy, here are some things to try. For ladder bar equipped cars you can raise the IC so that it Shocks the tires harder. Shocking or Hitting the tires harder will maintain that traction and help get the front end to start lifting.

Fine tuning the front shocks, either stiffer of softer, can get the best launch. Raising the PR can also slow down the 60′ if it needs to be raised too far to get traction. If the above doesn’t work then increasing the front end travel can have huge benifits. This can allow the PR and AS to remain lower, thus pushing the car forward instead of up and the increased travel will also allow More weight to be transfered to the rear tires.

Remember the example of lifting the board noted above?

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