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This is a Garnet Pro 60 watt amplifier head. I determined the date by the brass Garnet logo and date codes of some of the components. The only modification has been the addition of a 3 prong plug. Gar Gillies the maker autographed the back, which he does when someone brings one of his amps in to be checked out in his shop in Winnipeg. This amp is in fine running shape and needs nothing. Garnet amps have a bit of cult following, and are worth hearing i’ve heard them called the canadian fender. The pro, a smaller version of the watt BTO, is one of the most sought after models. The “american woman” tone is Garnet.

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Terbium Gallium Garnet Based Polarization Independent // Optical Circulator this product make it an ideal choice for application in fiber amplifier systems, pump laser diodes, and optical fiber sensors. Agiltron also Terbium Gallium Garnet Based Polarization Independent // Optical Circulator. Revision:

The bottom line is this: Some system problems have finally forced me to make the inevitable downgrade from GoLive 5 to One thing that became immediately obvious: Macromedia is excruciatingly and uselessly slow when making early edits to very long files. At least so far, that is the way it seems to me. Please email me on this. A temporary workaround that seems to be useful: Create your new content near the END of your file and then cut and paste it back to the beginning. Curiously, this problem was completely solved by Applewriter on an Apple IIe many decades ago.

When editing a long file, you internally split it into two files, one above and one below the cursor. With several cubic acres of free memory between the two.

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The robustness of Lu—Hf garnet-whole rock gt-wr ages, however, needs to be evaluated, and their closure temperature TC and potential effects of trace mineral inclusions need to be established. In addition to whole rocks and garnet, the Lu—Hf isotope compositions of hornblende, zircon, and monazite were also measured. Leaching experiments and trace element modeling show that monazite and apatite inclusions may severely affect the Sm—Nd systematics of garnet, but they have little or no effect on the Lu—Hf system.

In contrast, zircon, with its high Hf content, can strongly influence the Lu—Hf systematics of garnets and whole rocks. Zircon from two samples did not achieve Hf isotope equilibrium with the rest of the rock at the time indicated by gt-wr isochrons.

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Evolution’s Everywhere Why this blog? We live in an era of endless transition. Only the insights of creative people might help us understand and adapt. This blog is devoted to interviews with artists, musicians,writers, teachers and business people. He is currently a television producer and writer. He lives near Seattle, Washington. How did you get into music? I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show when I was 4 years old, and that pretty much changed my life.

I was lucky enough to grow up with all the great radio of the 60s, and I was also very fortunate that my parents and schools encouraged my musical education. So you had formal musical training? I had some formal training but most of my education came from playing along to records. That came from records.

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Roost Valve Amps – any info?! Hi All, Roost sound equipment was started back in by Brian Roost hence the name and Ron bailey, who were both local musicians based in Southend-On-Sea, Essex, they were also at the time fixing amps for the local music shops and bands. The Roost amp is similar to the Hi Watt amplifier with a little bit of the early W Sound City amp throwen for good mesure.

This December marks a decade since the passing of Thomas Garnet “Gar” Gillies, the man who was responsible for what local music historian John Einarson calls “the sound of Winnipeg.”. As the founder of The Garnet Amplifier Company, he created workhorse amps and PA systems for the touring musician form the s to the late s.

So I leaped upon my gallant steed and galloped off in all directions! If you are running into that “miles to go before I sleep” line too often, it does not mean that technical writers are either cultured or even that they have taken up reading poetry. In the old Charles Bronson movie Telefon, which frequently appears on late-night TV, “miles to go before I sleep” is part of the poem which repeatedly triggers violent reaction in Russian moles.

Very few critics have ever described Charles Bronson movies as significant contributors to culture. About galloping off in all directions: Now, if we can help Snoopy get past that first line of his Gothic We favor another approach. Say, for instance, we have this poor-but-honest crippled teen-age newsletter editor. The white ape embarks on an heroic quest of mythic dimensions.


Compare leucogranite and pegmatite volumes in Swakane Gneiss outcrops from different structural levels within the Swakane terrane. Evaluate contact relationships along the contact between the Entiat pluton and the Napeequa complex and the implications of c. Present the results of new and previously published geochronology and P-T data on the Swakane terrane. Swakane metapelite on U. Swakane protolith on U. Swakane terrane at Vista Viewpoint U.

Nov 03,  · Hello, I am selling the following things on the Clockworks server: Fierce set (4/6 – cloak, mask, suit, boots & Mizu Yukata hands & Casino Hat.

The last two years have signalled the beginnings of the inevitable breakdown of the doomed process: Now, in , it appears that not just the climate is hotting up, but the level of struggle as well. As I write, Via Campesina has pledged to appear in force, bringing subsistence agricultural producers from all over the continent of Africa, and perhaps from elsewhere as well, to join in protesting the disaster that is the UN COP regime. There is no telling how many will join them from urban settings across the continent and around the world.

But there is much to be told about where they will be joined — the city of Durban, capital of the province of KwaZulu-Natal and host to COP It is the purpose of this book to tell the story of resistance to COP 17 through the lens of its locale. This latter phase has been especially vicious given the heavy price exacted by capital for liberation from the chains of white racism. The post- 1 apartheid years, in South Africa generally and Durban particularly, have been a race to the bottom measured in terms of aggressive penetration of ecosystems for the sake of accumulation.

All of these are connected to the carbon complex in one way or another, and all of them enter into, and violate, the life-worlds of the poor. This creates the need for our guide, which will situate COP 17, to lay out the story of the pernicious carbon regime, detail the political geography of Durban, draw forth the lessons of these tormented times, and present the argument for inspired resistance.

The interested reader may find copious amounts of official text to present what the establishment wants you to think. The confrontation radiates outward in space and time.

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Traynor, Univox, Valco, Watkins, Westbury. Effect Schematics, Effect pedal schematics, Analog effect schematics, Digital effect schematics. Guitar amp schematics, Bass amp schematics, Fender amp schematics, Marshall amp schematics, Gibson amp schematics. Ampeg amp schematics, Vox amp schematics, Dumble amp schematics, Mesa Boogie amp schematics, Gretsch amp schematics. Harmony amp schematics, Kalamazoo amp schematics, Kay amp schematics, Magnatone amp schematics, Selmer amp schematics.

Silvertone amp schematics, Supro amp schematics, Traynor amp schematics, Univox amp schematics, Valco amp schematics.

– — Pamela Anne Feswick, of Olds, Alberta died peacefully on Monday March 28, in the Olds Hospital. She was 54 years of age. She was born on October 13, in Woodstock, Ontario. She is survived by her husband Stephen, of Olds, AB; her oldest son Derek Phillip, of Vancouver, BC and her youngest son, Corey Daniel, of Olds, AB.

July 07, Everything but the Rice-a-Roni This might sound like a grand apology. A kind of, “I was wrong about this place, it isn’t chock-full of greens and liberals carelessly walking over the homeless people they’ve regulated out of a job. It’s really quite nice. Because San Francisco is the most self-consciously green city I’ve ever visited, and I have personally witnessed very wealthy citizens walking past the most aggressive beggars I’ve ever seen in a US city.

And I come from the DC area. But it’s also a bit more than that. Quite a bit, actually. Ok, let’s just get this part out of the way up-front. Cable cars are proof in wood and cast iron it’s possible to be both cool and retarded at the same time. Eventually, according to what I’m absolutely sure is some sort of inscrutible union schedule, one breaks off from the herd and picks up, oh, about half its complement.

Then we all wait and stare at another three completely empty cars just sitting there for I timed it no less than 10 minutes. But it is an interesting wait. The system is powered by two things, one I knew about, and one I didn’t. It’s called a cable car because there’s a big freaking cable under the street which drags these creaking testaments to 19th century tech up and down hills which would cause mountain goats to stop and take a breather.

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The Autumn Effect Label: Universal For their major label debut, Knoxville band 10 Years enlisted producer Josh Abraham Staind, Velvet Revolver and the result is a crisp and clean approach that lets the songs shine through. While punk band Blink is on a widely publicized hiatus, singer Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker decided to form a side project, curiously with numbers in the band name again:

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Hand made, all tube, point to point wired, guitar pre-amp and distortion effect! There is finally a single unit that covers the full sonic range of vintage tube sounds. Soft or loud, creamy or harsh, this unbelievable device can melt butter one moment and take your head off the next. We are not talking about a gadget or a toy.

The Guillotine can back up all of its promises. It is the product of a lifetime of design and experimentation. Gar Gillies was one of the most respected names in the tube amp business, and one of its true pioneers. His legacy is this amazing device. The Guillotine develops its remarkable variety of sounds from a proprietary circuit that cascades an amazing four stages of tube gain, without any semiconductors in the signal path.

Even at the most bombastic levels of gain, this unit maintains the smoothest chord definition and near silent noise level. The natural tube compression develops remarkable sustain. A single closure footswitch operates silent relays that completely remove the unit from the signal path. Contact us to order your Guillotine Now!

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Mounting point by point by hand Lamps preamp, tremolo and reverb: And having said that, on paper 7 Watts may seem small but they get a very loud volume! Quite comparable to my home YBA2 traynor which nevertheless 20Watt lamp! It could save you a divorce or a tense situation in the neighborhood! In REPET it is quite possible to use it as a group If you are not one to repeat too much , for recording studio is perfect though!

This is a small black dot as it is a little bastard a power: For studio recording and is nickel-cons! Another more black this is the amp reverb which is difficult to measure by its very average. Otherwise the box is huge! You can store them without any problem son and pedals. Sounds very fat and warm.

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From the mid 50s, Newcastle had enjoyed a very lively jazz scene. The Newcastle Jazz Club in the Royal Arcade, Pilgrim Street was founded in the first half of the s and in the New Orleans Club opened up at Melbourne Street, Shieldfield.

All weights, measurements and colors are approximate and may vary slightly from the listed dimensions or as seen in the image. All pictures are magnified to show the smallest of details. Please, refer to the item description for actual weight and size evaluation. This item will ship separately and cannot be combined with other orders. Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid. Shipping is only available within the US. Applicable sales tax may apply.

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