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Needles Repairing the Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machines Some antique sewing machines are more desirable and more valuable than others. Sewing machines that were made prior to usually have a higher value The following types of antique sewing machines are the ones that typically have the most value to collectors and antique dealers: Hand-held style sewing machines Clamp on style sewing machines New England style sewing machines Paw foot style sewing machines Singer Model 1 sewing machines Singer Model 2 sewing machines Singer Turtleback sewing machines Singer Letter A sewing machines Singer Featherweight and sewing machines If you are interested in collecting antique sewing machines for the purpose of repairing and trying to resell them, these are the types of sewing machines you should look for. An old sewing machine from any maker with a serial number of or less will have more value, especially those from obscure manufacturers. Sewing machines with serial numbers above 50, would be considered later models had basically common. Even if the machine dates back to , the higher serial number makes it less valuable to serious collectors. By far the largest and most successful manufacturer of antique sewing machines was the Singer company.

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For nearly two hundred years, these devices have made the process of sewing garments, quilts, and other items faster and easier. Today’s sewing machines are high-tech and packed with features, such as different stitch patterns. Investing in a sewing machine and learning to use it to its full ability can help you save money on clothing and other items, build creativity, and help you create a perfect fit on everything you make.

The Joy of Sewing with a Treadle Sewing Machine In a world dominated by electrical appliances, Threads Digital Ambassador Peter Lappin offers a multitude of reasons why you should bother with a treadle sewing machine.

I was very lucky to learn how to make a bra from the Fairy Bra Mother herself. In the course, Beverly fits you and the instructors and her do any necessary alterations to the pattern. We used the Classic Bra pattern from Pin up Girls. By the end of the course, I had an okay fitting bra, but not a great fitting bra. I had a lot of alterations ahead. My main reason for taking the class was to be able to make cheaper bras in better fabrics and a wider range of colours.

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The popularity of these sewing machines with quilters and other fabric artisans has helped uncover a wealth of information regarding the production history of this machine and its many variations. And many Singer Featherweight “users” soon become Singer Featherweight “collectors”. We are proud to offer for sale a fine selection of and Antique Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines that we are selling for several consignors. All of these antique Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines listed below have been gently used and well cared for.

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Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker padded material, usually to create a quilt or quilted garment. Typically, quilting is done with three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material, but many different styles are adopted. The process of quilting uses a needle and thread to join two or more layers.

Usually I check out the latest books at two of my favourite book stores for art and fashion books in Sydney Australia when I go on a fabric-buying trip for myself to see if any books are worth buying. Anyhow, I took a chance and bought the book and was so excited when it arrived in the mail. I think my expectations were a little high as I was disappointed with, what seemed to be, a lack of content. On second and third viewings I came to value the book a little more, but I still feel that there could have been less empty white space and more pictures of the clothes and a little more detail in the text.

Still, it would be impossible to cram sixty years of collections into one page book. Anyhow, back to Karl. Eventually, Lagerfeld became the sole designer to work with Gaby Aghion in the studio after the last of the other remaining designers left in He remained so until he left in to work for the house of Chanel. Rocked the fashion professionals…. He knots material together, lets the woman create the shape for these scarf dresse.

He does filmy dresses in multiple layers…. His big accessory is a scarf, appearing as a choker, a belt, an ankle-wrap. Hebe Dorsey, doyenne of the International Herald Tribune, used superlatives: With a minimum of seams, it looks as if his clothes have been put together by sheer magic.

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Archaeologists have discovered bone needles with eyes, used to sew together skins and furs, dating back to this time. The earliest known sewing needles made of iron come from the Celtic hill fort at Manching, Germany, and date to the third century BC. The tomb of a minor official of the Han Dynasty BC-AD has been reported by Chinese archaeologists as containing a sewing set complete with thimble. This would be the oldest known example of a thimble, which originated as a device to help push crude needles through resistant materials such as animal skins.

Simplicity Sewing Patterns. Minerva Crafts stocks the extremely popular and complete Simplicity sewing pattern range. Simplicity was founded in New York in and is now one of the leading sewing pattern companies in the world.

Pattern collecting guide Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns The first thing to know about collecting vintage sewing patterns is that the temptation to add “just one more” pattern to your collection is irresistible. A hundred patterns here, a hundred patterns there — after a while it adds up to quite a bit of space No matter what your favorite style or era, eventually you may have questions. How old is my pattern? How much is it worth? What happened to the company that made it?

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Ordinary women no longer had to spend hours a day spinning. At last women could find the time to be more creative including the sewing of quilts. Today we take it for granted that we can easily find quilt patterns in books, magazines and even online. Although a few patterns were published in early America and more by the late s women of the 19th and the early 20th centuries had another way to share and remember favorite block patterns.

Dating Vintage Patterns- The Patent Misconception November 9, musings New Sewing Patterns For WWI Era Goodness. January 15, year in review A Sewing Year in Review Any photographs, content, or images shared on this blog are ©Wearing History, unless otherwise noted or .

By Kate Miller-Wilson Antique Collector If you’ve inherited or purchased some pieces of antique china, it helps to know the process for learning more about your treasures. Often, the piece holds many clues, and understanding how to read these can help you identify the pattern. From that, you can get a sense of your china’s value and history. Figure Out the Type of China Before you can identify the pattern, you need to figure out what kind of china you have.

Because porcelain production originated in China , Europeans and Americans used the term “china” to describe any fine porcelain piece. However, there are actually several different kinds of china, each of which uses a specific production process. Since many manufacturers specialized in a single type of china, this can help narrow down the possibilities for your china pattern. Three Types of Porcelain According to Collector’s Weekly , there are three main types of porcelain, all of which are commonly called “china: There, factories like Spode and Royal Worcester, used bone china to make tea sets , vases, dinnerware, and other items.

As the name implies, bone china involves the addition of bone ash to a mixture of finely ground stone and clay. The process results in pieces that are incredibly thin and translucent.

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Offering vintage and contemporary sewing, knitting and crochet patterns since You must consider the general silhouette of the clothing along with other factors such as hair, price, sizing and envelope style and logo placement you can get pretty close to the issue or copyright date. Please be aware that even if a pattern is dated, it could have been in production for years and could even be a re-release of a previous number.

Style eras often crossed decade lines. For instance it is very difficult to tell a pattern from a pattern.

Since , HUSQVARNA VIKING® has been at the forefront of sewing innovation. Our goal has always been to spread the joy of sewing through high-end .

What to Buy When a Preemie Comes Home Difference Between Micro and Preemie Sizes Micro preemie is a term to describe a premature baby that weighs between 1 to 3 pounds and is younger than 29 gestational weeks. Most preemie clothes are designed to fit a baby that weighs between 4 and 5 pounds. Regular preemie clothes will be too large for a micro preemie and potentially uncomfortable.

A proper fit is also important for a micro preemie because clothing should be hospital safe and not interfere with any IVs or oxygen tubes worn by a baby. The clothing should also be soft and comfortable, especially if a baby recently had surgery. Types of Micro Preemie Patterns Many different types of micro preemie clothes patterns are available.

Very easy way to take in your pants!

Common Rules Concerning Socks 1. Your socks should match one another and not have holes or visible stains Now some of you are thinking this is incredibly obvious; however, I mention this rule for those of you who fail to see the problem here. Assuming you keep your shoes on and never expose your torn and mismatched socks, there very well may not be an issue.

Side Note — it was an embarrassing situation with torn socks at a Japanese Tea house that led entrepreneur Samy Liechti to form the company Black Socks. Provide men sockscriptions , where 3 pairs of black socks are delivered by mail every few months. Wish I would have thought of this!

Simplicity has been at the forefront of home sewing since Today, Simplicity patterns come in more than 1, designs, helping you create everything from formal gowns to boys wardrobes to tote bags.

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Jones August 20, A rainbow of thread, scissors, needles, stray buttons, and somewhere near the bottom, a solitary thimble … sewing basket recollections. Although fine needlework has a long history of being treasured, the tools used for creating it were often lost or tossed.

Fortunately, there are now collectors preserving sewing implements. Kit Froebel is one of those enthusiasts. Two more rapidly followed, then Simons is still making thimbles in Philadelphia. During earlier times, thimbles were a necessity because garments and linens were all hand-made. Their thimbles were equally hardworking. And like the plain sewing done in their homes, their tools were also plain. This was not a throw-away society. When pierced from constant use, thimbles were taken to silversmiths for repair.

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Some, like the Rudi Gernreich Archive , consist of large groupings of objects that document the work of a specific designer. Others, like our photograph collection , are less focused groupings of objects collected to help us interpret fashion history. One of my favorite mini-collections is our collection of paper sewing patterns. In addition to their entertaining envelope illustrations, sewing patterns are a valuable source of fashion information because they help us understand how high fashion or runway garments are interpreted for the mass market.

This is particularly true for patterns associated with known designers.

Featured Clothing Items Crochet Hats – Free crochet patterns, these crocheted hats will make a warm and fun addition to any wardrobe for adults or children. Kids Striped Boots – Create a funky pair of striped boots to enjoy or give to a friend, with our free crochet pattern.

His machine could only produce crude, very loose stitches, which made it unfeasible for use in actual clothing production. It wasn’t until the s, that consumers started to purchase mechanical sewing machines for home use. Sewing has been an integral aspect of human life for almost as long as there have been humans. Archaeologists have discovered bone needles dating back to the Gravettian period roughly 25, years ago. More than likely, humans were sewing long before that time, we just haven’t yet found the evidence.

It is believed ancient homo sapiens used these bone needles for sewing furs together to keep warm and to create decorative patterns in textiles.

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By Kate Miller-Wilson Antique Collector Noritake china is famous for its delicate designs, some of which feature beautiful gold trim. These patterns hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts, so it’s helpful to know a bit about the many gold-edged patterns of antique Noritake china. Noritake Patterns with Gold Trim Noritake has a long history of making gold-edged china, and there are many Noritake patterns that feature gold edging or trim that are more than 50 years old.

If you’re wondering about the name of yours or the identity of one you found in an antique shop, turn the piece over.

Dating Your Singer Featherweight. As a classic example: I own a “badged” Centennial of Sewing machine that obviously is from However, the serial number on the machine is from Therefore, the following dates can be considered to be “close”.

Donaldeen December 13th I wondered if you have seen the old sewing book, I think it is a Singer book which shows how to do all sorts of fancy stitches on the treadle machine? It shows how to zigzag stitch with the needle stationary and the sewer moving her hand to form the stitches. All sorts of techniques. Yes, I have several treadle machines.

When I was a teenager going to take home ec. I lied to the teacher and told her I could sew on the treadle machine.. Cherryrob December 12th That’s my machine too! Inherited from my mother, who received it as a gift from my father bought second-hand shortly after they were married in I learned to sew on it as a child and teenager, and it came back to me in I checked the serial number too, and mine is from

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